Ideation Room

Design-thinking is a nonlinear iterative process used to come up with creative solutions to design problems. The ideation phase of the process requires teams to propose potential ideas / concept stories / thumbnails, etc. through visual thinking and communication skills. The process starts with multiple brainstorming sessions where any and all ideas are welcomed, as crazy as they might be. Eventually collecting insights and boiling down to few relevant ideas to take ahead for design development.


Keeping this collaborative and fluid culture in mind, the Ideation Room at our co-design space becomes ideal for such team activities. Also open to individuals working on solo design projects, the space becomes your blank canvas to sketch, doodle, visualize and formalize ideas.


Our ideation room is your safe and inclusive space to brainstorm ideas and kickstart your design journey. Book the space as an individual or a design team to discuss and plan ahead.

Whiteboard wall for visual thinking

Casual seating allows movement

Isolation for confidential projects

Design-thinking toolkits & templates

Teamwork and collaboration setting

Sanitized before use

Wifi Enabled

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Co-working Space

The design process requires constant communication and iterations over iterations. Our Co-working space is your chance to connect and network with other design professionals using our co-design space. Ask for feedback on your project or strike up a casual design discussion with a fellow designer. Anything is possible when a space promotes creativity and co-creation.


In the middle of our co-design space, is the co-working table with a write on table top for you to scribble your ideas on. A casual sit down space to work on design developments and formalization. The table is a perfect alternative to boring conference room setups. Sitting around it either individually or with your design team, promotes collaboration and effective communication of ideas while the table itself acts like a canvas for your sketches.  

Accommodates 6-8 people

Whiteboard table top

Promotes teamwork and collaboration

Open-innovation and co-creation

Sanitized before use

Wifi enabled

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Design thinking

Computer Workstations

The process of creation becomes highly efficient when the tools to create are easily accessible. Designers irrespective of their disciplines use digital tools such as computers, tablets, and/or Wacoms to visualize their ideas. While these resources are incredibly important in the design process, they are also extremely expensive to get especially as a design student, or beginner in the field. Given the cost of high performance computers and software licenses, it becomes almost impossible for a design aspirant to get them without piracy.


Our Co-design space helps tackle this problem and provides exclusive access to custom built computer workstations with design softwares installed. As a member subscribed to one of our pricing plans, the workstations are available for use on-site or through remote access from the comfort of your home. Model and visualize your designs on custom built high performance workstations with industry standard design softwares.

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