Prototyping Workshop

The prototyping phase in the design process is the act of finally giving your ideas a tangible form and feel. Be it a simple chair design or something as complex as a car, it all starts with some scale mockups to help visualize the final outcome. Prototyping helps test out your designs and anticipate the problems that might occur in the usability or manufacturing of the product. It allows the designer to go back and forth between sketches, 3d models, and scale mockups to gain insights on how to make their designs even better. 

Our Co-design space hosts a fully equipped design prototyping model shop that can help you take your ideas from sketch to prototype. The workshop consists of machinery, power tools, hand tools, materials and more to help make your ideas come to life.

Accessible exclusively to CollabTherapy members, our Co-design space becomes your walk-in design studio and a safe space to work on ideas.