"The value of an Idea lies in its Execution"

You could be the 1st or the 101st person to have the exact same idea but the way you make it happen, is what seperates you from the other 100"


For a creative individual / team that is familiar with basic production techniques and already know how to make their first prototype; the Indian manufacturing setup makes it extremely difficult for them to find a one-point resource to prototype that idea. The industry constitutes majorly of uneducated labour and fabrication houses that only cater to large manufacturing orders.


We aim to bridge this gap by creating a seamless, direct link between the ideator and all their execution needs.


Founded in 2020, CollabTherapy is India's first Collaborative Co-Design Workspace & Resource Ecosystem to help you build all things tangible. 


Our Co-design Space hosts a range of product development resources under one roof to assist creatives design, develop, prototype, test, fabricate & seed their ideas. Consider our space like your walk-in design studio equipped with facilities; to help you take your designs from sketch to prototype and further.


Got an Idea? Don't sleep on it.
Let's help you make it a reality