For the CREATORS of today and ENTREPRENEURS of tomorrow. 


With ‘Make-in-India’ as the call for action, it is crucial that the process based production line takes over the ever prevalent ‘Juggad’ mindset to make Indian Designs globally accepted. For an aspiring designer/creator who is familiar with basic production techniques and already knows how to make the first prototype; the Indian manufacturing setup makes it impossible for them to find a one point resource ecosystem for production of a design idea through rapid prototyping and testing processes. 


Currently the industry constitutes majorly of uneducated labor and fabrication houses that only cater to established businesses and/or large manufacturing orders. We aim to bridge this gap by creating a seamless direct link between the ideator and all their execution needs.

Design process
Design process


Collab Therapy is born. A venture that caters to the creators of today and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. It is a workshop space dedicated to provide an idea development and execution ecosystem to budding entrepreneurs and creators, including design students, fresh graduates, freelance designers, and young startups in order help visualize, build, test and seed their ideas 


Collab Therapy is a breakthrough solution for the rapidly growing Indian Design community. Our vision is to become India’s largest collaboration hub and one point resource for idea development and execution with a focus on promoting skill building, self-sufficiency, design-thinking and entrepreneurship. We Curate for you a range of fabrication resources under one roof allowing designers to embrace the market norms without compromising their design integrity