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Use Our Design Space
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Your Ideas

Struggling to find resources to turn your Ideas into Prototypes? Kickstart your creative journey at our Co-design Space.


A One-Stop Idea Execution Resource Ecosystem

All resources available at a single-point access to help you Design, DevelopPrototype, Test, Fabricate & Seed your Ideas.

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Ideation Room

Safe and inclusive space for individuals and teams to brainstorm ideas.

Creative Co-working

Sit down space to work on design developments and formalization.

Computer Workstations

Access to high-end computer workstations with design software

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Model Shop

Makerspace to help you take your ideas from sketch to prototype

Rapid Prototyping

Single-point access to latest additive manufacturing resources

Materials Store

Prototyping materials on-site to make your design process hassle free


Paint Booths

Dust-free booths to help give your designs the finishing touch they deserve

Design Library

Resources for reading, reference & inspiration during your design journey

Makers Cafe

Outdoor cafe space with an industrial aesthetic and fresh beverages

Rishav Kumar

Industrial Designer

"If you are a creative head and struggling to execute your ideas out, Collab Therapy is the bridge between the idea and the real product, they provide you with the best space for all the design processes from the ideation phase to its prototyping, they have provided me with all the resources required for the process from workshop area to design software in one co-design space, It's the best space for designers. Kudos!"
Art Supply

The Creative Market

One-stop access to a range of Design Stationery & Prototyping Materials to help you turn your ideas into a tangible reality.

Partners &  Supporters

Holistic Design Services

Make your small ideas come to life. They could be the next big thing!

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